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Dec 18, 2014
Sep 10, 2006
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Dec 18, 2014
    1. StillMamamia
      Thank you so much for your replies re rebounding. :) Have a good day.
    2. Darryl
      Thanks for the hypoglcyemia article Jonah - it's not one of those things we like to read about, but something we all must know. If only his CGM had been the real-time kind...
    3. Lucky 868
      Lucky 868

      I just saw your message and am sorry it took me so long to see it. I didn't know about "Visitor Messages" until I went in to update my profile. I'm new to message boards and am stumbling around and learning. Us old folks aren't as tech literate as you young ones!

      I read your diagnosis story. What an experience! I'm sorry you had such a horrible time, not only with diabetes but with dealing with autism and your parents, too. Not an easy road you've walked. I'm glad things are working out for you now.
    4. Colleen
      Thank you for the birthday wish!
    5. Lisa P.
      Lisa P.
      I've still got our surplus of BD ultra fine 3/10 8 mm 31G syringes with half units marks from when we were on MDI. We've got half a cupboard full of them, if you could use a few boxes it would help clear some space for us!
    6. jtkzoe
      Jonah, thanks so much for your info on the cgms. My daughter's late night lows are driving us crazy. That sounds like it might help a ton.
    7. Lisa P.
      Lisa P.
      Just doing a quick check in and saw you answer the question on dangers.
      Wanted to just note (probably again) that I find the information you give here some of the most helpful I've ever read. I truly appreciate that it is so rich in information and that when you give an opinion it is clearly informed and considered. I also have taken to heart the posts I have read where you have hinted a bit at your way of looking at diabetes as a person, and it's a point of view I'd like to offer my child as she grows up. In fact, it's a perspective I'd like to offer all my children as they grow up. Thanks tons.
    8. bbirdnuts@aol.com
      Thanks for all the help. I printed your message and was able to search for friend. Have sent out a few messages, but most have not posted in a long time. As for posting photos, I have created an album and am trying to download pictures and it will not accept the photos. Maybe the resolution is too high and I need to figure out what to do. I am not very good with computers and I appreciate all of your help. Thank you and hugs to you. Rhonda
    9. moco89

      Sorry for the late reply. I haven't been on here as often due to school and such. The ACE inhibitor causes me to get leg cramps at night, even on the lowest dosages. I quit taking it for now, and I am switching to another ACE inhibitor in hopes of resolving this issue. I quit taking enalapril, and I am about to go on lisinopril---as soon as I get it in the mail. I am hoping that I don't get the same side effects this time around, but who knows.

    10. 4MyBoys
      Thanks Jonah! We are two weeks in! Tomorrow is our third of 11 classes! -Allison
    11. Brendan's Mom
      Brendan's Mom
      Hello Fellow Chicagoan, How do I join the group?
    12. tiffanie1717
      Yes, he started this week. It's been great. Thanks for noticing. :)
    13. krystalkat
      Hi! Nice to meet you!
    14. Beansbro
      Beansbro is my username because i have a brother and his nickname is Bean so thats how i got the name beansbro.
    15. Beansbro
      Awsome screen name LOL
    16. ponchpadilla
      Thanks, how do I do that?
    17. AlohaMommy
      Jonah, I read your message to Jeff about someone willing to host you. We live in Hawaii and would be willing to host you in our home. We have two little kiddos so its rare that we have a quite night but it is Hawaii right? It is pretty expensive out here, but you could eat at the house to save money and we have a great public transit system here.
    18. Andrew's Mom
      Andrew's Mom
      There are some factors that will produce an erroneous A1c. Conditions that affect red blood cell turnover (breakage of cells, blood loss) recent transfusions, hemoglobin variants such as Sickle Cell or other inherited processes all may make the A1c unreliable.

      Polycythemia is something we just found out about 6 months ago. It is something you develop. He makes too many red blood cells making his blood too thick. He gets a pint removed every 3 to 4 weeks right now. These factors are what would make an A1C unreliable for him.
      No he has never needed to have an A1C drawn but usually when we check him for "fun" his BS is low.

      We are in the process of going to see a specialist to make sure he getting proper treatment we don't want any complications....

    19. Charlene
      Thank you I think sometimes it makes people around here mad. I know there is such a negativity of diabetes here and rightfully so but I dont want my ds to think that way. This is life! I appreciate you letting me know you like it so much!!!
    20. Heather(CA)
      Very cool! Thanks for the Info :D
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    Who has diabetes?:
    I do (type 1)
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    Jewish, autistic, diabetic. Want to meet people IRL.

    I'm very interested in disabilities rights. I like to play football, soccer, chess.


    dx age 17, now 25
    on Lantus for 7 years; on minimed 530 G since 12/7/13
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