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Dec 18, 2014
Sep 10, 2006
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Dec 18, 2014
    1. Lisa P.
      Lisa P.
      Oh, Clare, by the way, is feeling SO much better. Life really is much fuller when we don't have to deal with her pain all the time. I realized the other day she was getting in trouble a lot for those silly little goofy things little kids do -- running in the house, knocking stuff over while dancing, that sort of stuff. It's really great to be able to yell at her for being too carefree! Thanks again for your part in helping me untangle that.
    2. Lisa P.
      Lisa P.
      Great on the Dexcom, I know you struggle with insurance coverage but didn't know you were working on that. Selah's numbers are what they are, but I'm really liking adding the Levemir in, I'm going to switch to Lantus in the morning when the Levemir runs out. I'm just at the end of my reserves again, overall, but I get there a lot and then the next day all's well. Thanks for the boost about the forums, I'm trying to control my inner screech owl. I cheated quite a bit over Lent, I wound up on the computer more than I should have been and I think I even read posts here a couple times, but managed not to post! One of the first posts I read from you here was about fasting with diabetes and it was one of the times I've re-resolved to try to do better on observances, but I fall down a lot.
      Last I heard you were running through those new tests, I'm assuming all's turning out the way you wanted there.
    3. Lisa P.
      Lisa P.
      Read a few of your posts lately, hope you're doing well.
    4. dejahthoris
      You know more about diabetes than most endos. I'm just saying.
    5. Bigbluefrog
      What are you studying? You would be a good diabetic educator or mentor in this area. I am not real familiar with LADA but I am interested in learning more.
    6. Bigbluefrog
      Mary Tyler has LADA? Thanks for sharing the statistics. This disease has no age restrictions. I know of one lady age 75 dd w type 1, but it was caused by chronic steroid use, and she is insulin dependent.
    7. Bigbluefrog
      Do you find it odd you were diagnosed at age 17? One thing that always gets to me is the wide range of ages dx of diabetes. My dd was 12, your older, but then you hear of a 30 yr old, and an infant or toddler. It just does not make sense, what is the common factor here?
    8. lynn
      Thanks for the well wishes, Jonah. We are planning to go to Chuck E Cheese's this weekend to celebrate a good five years.
    9. 22jules
      Hi. Just wanted to update you on my daughter. You were spot on --although she started out being hyperthyroid she was dx today with hashimotos. Thanks again for all your help--at least now we know.
    10. Lisa P.
      Lisa P.
      Hope you feel better soon.
    11. Lisa P.
      Lisa P.
    12. Lisa P.
      Lisa P.
      Thought you might find it of interest -- saw the cardiologist for Clare yesterday. The salt is the key. Still don't think Addison's, which is o.k. with me if they're right, and they are convincing. Think it's something closer to POTS? She feels much better and they gave me tips for how to help her more, and some hope that if we can keep her on an even level her system may get better into line. So, good news!
    13. NomadIvy
      Belated happy birthday then! We're in the same month then. Although I wish I was closer to your age!! LOL.
    14. Lisa P.
      Lisa P.
      Thanks, we canceled the appointment because Ruth Anna got chicken pox, didn't want to spread it around the waiting room. Just as well, the first next appointment was in January but I'm going to be able to get my middle girl, Clare, in to see the endo at the same time to see if he has any insight into her weirdness. So, I delay. ... which I'm good at. If I'm a good mom, I'll log in the meantime. ... . if. . . .
      Thanks for the interest.
    15. 22jules
      Ok--I get it. Thanks again--I'll let you know what happens after the appointment. I really appreciate all your help!
    16. 22jules
      Thanks for the information. I have another question, though. How can a low TSH be Hashimotos and Graves? I thought both thyroid diseases were opposites-one meaning hypo and one hyper. I googled the radioactive iodine uptake test and it doesn't seem too bad--If you don't mind I will let you know what the endo says after our appointment. I really appreciate the help!
    17. 22jules
      Hopefully this is how to respond to visitor messages--I haven't had one before. Well, my daughter had some more blood tests and everything else is showing up normal but the TSH levels are still low. So, she is scheduled to see a Ped endo a week from this Monday. I asked my ped what this could mean and she said that it could be Graves caught early? I asked what she thinks they will possibly do from here and she said maybe an MRI of the pituitary gland. The frustration that I have is that although we have a relationship with an endo through my type 1 daughter, she is not accepting new patients and we have to see a new one for my older d. I am absolutely confused as what this could be and hope its nothing. Any thoughts that you might have?

      Thanks for asking!
    18. Lisa P.
      Lisa P.
      Read your post on the bullying thread and just wanted to note, again, how strongly the point of view you have expressed here has influenced how I approach raising all my kids. I'm sure in the grand scheme of things my admiration is a blip on the radar, but I didn't want to neglect expressing my gratitude. Much of what you have written on Aspergers and diabetes, lots of other issues, has been more helpful than you can know. I'm sure I'm far from the only one even just here who feels the same way. Thanks.
    19. SarahKelly
      thanks for the book recommendation...I'll look for it as it sounds interesting :)
    20. Heather(CA)
      Thanks, that means a lot :)
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    dx age 17, now 25
    on Lantus for 7 years; on minimed 530 G since 12/7/13
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