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Feb 28, 2014
    1. Lisa P.
      Lisa P.
      Thank you, you are very sweet. Nice to get a last kind word. I'm just in to clear things out, I can understand and forgive any one act, or even figure I'm misunderstanding, but there is a history here and in several conversations it has been made really clear what the point of view is on this forum. Keep me in mind at twowortd@yahoo.com if you ever get a free moment to say hi! :) :) :)
    2. Lisa P.
      Lisa P.
      Didn't see it, glad I didn't.
      I imagine we're moving back to the forum getting clogs with junk again. There's some instigation going on, I think some people get bored. It's a shame.
      BTW, I can't see when you've posted something for me here, only if it's posted under my user name, I'm great with that but thought you might want to know for the future, just click the user's name and post on their public messages if you want to do it that way!
    3. sooz
      I Was stunned when they were bad mouthing Wilf. I thought everyone respected him. They said they hated it when everyone kissed wilf's ass like he was the only one who knew anything.
    4. Lisa P.
      Lisa P.
      No, I missed any closed or removed threads.
      Funny, I never get nasty PMs -- often I get disagreeing ones, or supporting ones, or whatever. But when folks hate me here, they hate me out in the middle of everyone!! I love when Wilf chimes in. I'm actually very happy to have seen a couple weeks now with some pick up in the traffic here and more diabetes questions, fewer "sociological" questions. Not to worry if you seem defensive, it's so hard here to know what anyone means and I'd rather you ask than just quietly feel I'm attacking you -- sure didn't mean to make you feel attacked at all! Those numbers just scared me!
      I sure understand on the 80, it's funny how Selah will say she's hungry and she's not low, I'll wind up giving 20 uncovered carbs and she stays even -- they know, don't they!
      Have a great one.
    5. sooz
      I'm glad the poster is getting the help she needs and I'm sorry if I seem defensive. I have been getting a lot of nasty pms and you may have missed a thread in hot topics where I posted what I thought was a happy little message in reply to a poster that asked where Wilf was, and I said he was back and posting in the stacking thread and I was glad because he can shed some light there, or something and I was immediately called rude for saying that others hadn't been helping her etc. I was amazed. Anyway, Brenda took the thread down but that just led more fuel to the nasty pms. So, thank you for your kind reply. I understand your point and I appreciate it.
    6. sooz
      Thank you for your reply. I understand what you are saying. D is an art really, not an exact science. Like for us tonight. Hailey tested and was in the 80 s and I was about to start dinner. She said, "but I feel shaky and like I'm dropping fast." So, she had 13 g of uncovered snack and I figured I would pick it up with a dinner correction if she needed it. Turns out she was perfect at dnner. I have learned to listen to her and try to figure things out on the fly. We also were faced with a pod that got dislodged today during some rough house with her sister, and it wasn't working, but that's another story..
    7. Lisa P.
      Lisa P.
      As for your fear for and concern for the child, though, I totally get that. I can't imagine how this baby has felt all these years. I think there's a lot of kids out there in similar situations. The family just thinks that's the way it has to be, and endure it. It's very heartbreaking, I'm entirely with you! I see similar things with kids without diabetes involved, there's so many things in our society we just take for granted can't be changed, and we make our kids suffer so much because we can't see outside our expectations. So much. :(
      Thanks, and sorry for the multi-post! Lisa
    8. Lisa P.
      Lisa P.
      As for the overall situation, honestly, I know a lot of moms who trust their kids' doctors. They do what the doctor tells them to do, they don't take anything into their own hands, they never question, and even when they misunderstand something they never get it corrected because they don't interact with the doctors enough to figure out they've misunderstood. They have a ton of faith in the doctors, and no faith in their own gut and intelligence and ability, and they don't question. These moms feel like questioning the doctor makes their kid less safe. I have a great deal of sympathy for these moms, because I think they are trying to do the right thing. Obviously, you know me from here, this is NOT the way I go! ;) But I think good, good moms fall into this because they are told from a young age that doctors know best. The team screwed up. Would I have done differently than this mom did? Sure, but that's because I'm more 'ornery, not because I'm a more loving mom. Make sense?
    9. Lisa P.
      Lisa P.
      It sounds to me like her kid is seriously overdosed on Lantus, so all the folks telling her she should have corrected or left a 178, leaving a 178 for her kid might very well have meant a serious low. I will often tell a mom who has an instinct that her kid needs to run lower that she might revisit that. There are a few moms on here that I read their posts and I seriously think they are missing lows -- like the moms that say, "My kid was shaky, sweating, said she was low, but I don't think she was." That drives me nuts. But if a mom has been doing diabetes for 4 years and she doesn't know much, but she knows that when her kid is 178 at night then two hours later she's in the hospital, you have to support her instincts there.
      Of course, the entire system she's using has to be fixed because 178 should NOT be an alarm number for her. But right now, the system she's got, I believe her that it is. We advise her to ignore that at her peril, and we endanger the kid.
    10. Lisa P.
      Lisa P.
      Sorry, just came back in, and I hope you're good with a public message, don't have the minutes to clear out my stuffed box! :)
      I haven't looked back at that thread, either, so what I'm saying might be outdated!
      I was staying out of the conversation in general, but it was really important to me just to address that *one* thing you said, about correcting the 500, simply because honestly, if I gave 3 units to correct a 500 my kid would be hospitalized! It looked to me like she has run on one very bad system for many years, but even under those circumstances she has learned some cause and effect for her kid -- you know, like when you don't understand a thing about auto mechanics but you know that if you don't wiggle the turn signal handle before you signal it won't go on? ;) So I did not want folks to discount her gut instinct that a 178 could be hazardous, because considering how they manage diabetes it sure could have been for her.
      Let me continue in another window.
    11. Lisa P.
      Lisa P.
      Just to let you know, people who belong to the Tea Party movement do not call themselves Tea Baggers. They are called that by people who oppose them. The term tea bagging refers to an oral sex act that is particularly offensive to most women. The point is to discredit a whole group of people who gathered politically to protest the increase in federal spending by renaming them with as atrocious a label as they could find. I have seen enough of you here to feel pretty strongly that you didn't mean to use this term, you just thought this was what they were called. You and I disagree often here, but I've never known you to be mean spirited about the people you disagree with, so I'm guessing you don't know how your post came off.
      I'll let you be now!! :)
    12. Lisa P.
      Lisa P.
      Thanks very much for the good wishes!
      Our high risk pool has an option for less payment for those with lower income, but the one point I'll always concede to folks in favor of these reforms is that the situation on health financing for low income adults is very bad. Kids can get coverage, but adults have far fewer options, so I can definitely see your friends not being able to afford what the state thinks they can afford. I hope they get the help they need.
    13. Lisa P.
      Lisa P.
      I won't engage in discussion on hot topics on this forum because I find it an unfair venue, but wanted to pass this link on to you for your friends in a tight place.


      Also wanted to note, our household income for 5 people is under $30,000 a year, we purchase our own insurance, including for Selah. The situation was tough, but manageable. The new reforms have made it much, much worse, and probably will make it impossible -- we will lose our insurance if the reforms continue, they will be very hurtful to us. Not trying to harass you over here, just wanted to let you know that some poor people with diabetic kids are devastated by this ruling because it will impact their lives, it's not just about some guy sitting in his Mercedes not wanting his taxes to go up! :p

      Best to you and to your granddaughter, have a great day!
    14. MamaLibby
      Glad it was good news on the surgery and I hope you're recovering. We're doing well...We fought lows all day yesterday. :( But otherwise, we're doing well. the girls are both signed up for another season of dance lessons and Caleb turns 8 tomorrow. :) The adoption process is going really well, and Adam will be coming into our home in a little over 2 weeks :)
    15. sooz
      Hi! I had some surgery a couple of weeks ago, and got great news, no cancer, no pre-cancer, so that was excellent. Hailey is really growing up. She had a d melt down yesterday when we had to do an extra pod change but she is already over it. How are you getting along with your lovely busy family?
    16. MamaLibby
      Happy March! :) I haven't talked to you in a while. How are you and the girls doing?
    17. MamaLibby
      Glad to hear you had a good Christmas, but I'm so sorry about your loss. The holidays are always hardest, especially the first ones.
      In other news, Ella probably has celiac, and we're in the process of fostering/adopting another little boy! :)
    18. MamaLibby
      Hi :) How are you and the girls doing to doing today?
    19. MamaLibby
      i caught a few hours of sleep earlier, because i feel asleep with my book when the kids did. Then I had to tend to a nightmare, and slept for about another hour before checking on Ella. it's almost 4 here. I do have my hands full, but it's worth it (usually ;) ) The dance recital does sound fun! What kind of dance is she in?
    20. sooz
      Well, only 12:30ish here on the west coast. I HAVE been known to stay up late for sure though. But the little ones ARE total bed hogs lol..They are doing pretty well thanks, had to do a pod change on Hailey tonight but it went well. Faith had a dance recital this morning that was fun. Gearing up for Christmas! I hope yours are all better soon! It sounds like you have your hands full.
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