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Jun 24, 2012
Jan 14, 2009
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Jun 24, 2012
    1. ShanaB
      If you feel so inclined please visit our new website...
      www.diabetesinschools.ca and fill out the survey. I know you've received great support in school thus far but not everyone is so fortunate. Happy New Years! Shana
    2. Omo2three
      I can relate to high BG, it seems the growth hormone and honeymoon ending ...can play havoc to their Bg. Ambrea is almost 13 and her Bg is up and down. I know she does better when we watch the high glycemic carbs. We still use MDI..waiting for a year to be up to get on the pump.
      I hear from many on this site ...that the pump can help lower A1C! Good luck with the new Pump.
    3. Omo2three
      Hi, just wanted to welcome you to CWD. I know its hard especially in the beginning. It can be quite tiring with the night checks. I have learned many helpful tips on this site. The best tip I can give you.... is to read "Think like a Pancreas" Or "Using Insulin". It will give you a big help in problem solving and understanding D.
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