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    1. TheFormerLantusFiend
      Tammy- reading your post about Dexcom, I started thinking. I have a Dexcom that works. If we tried seeing if your son's receiver could get signals from my transmitter, we'd know whether or not it was a working receiver.
    2. Lisa P.
      Lisa P.
      Just thought i'd tell you what our GI doctor told us the other day.
      If Clare's blood pressure is low she has low blood volume. This is what causes the salt cravings because salt is what keeps water in the blood. Her blood pools in her extremities and there is insufficient blood flow to the center of the body. Any body part that doesn't get enough blood is going to have pain. Her GI tract is affected because low blood pressure means her digestion is disturbed -- which can show as hypoglycemia, which we had. We went from pain off and on all day every day and in tears at night to few or no symptoms with two simple changes -- a liter of pedialyte in the a.m., maybe more in the afternoon, lots of activity, and tights ( compression stockings stop the blood from pooling as much). I think 1 out of 100 teens has this issue, but the cardiologist told us it usually takes going through a LOT of doctors to get diagnosed. The Mayo Clinic is doing the frontline work on it.
      Good luck.
    3. Lisa P.
      Lisa P.
      We just went through a two and a half year endurance trial trying to get my 7 year old's stuff figured out. We finally got a really good answer and some relief from a referral through our pediatrician and GI doctor to a cardiologist, of all things. Her main symptom was abdominal pain, but she had no GI symptoms and it seemed systemic, lots of side symptoms. Had one GI doctor tell us "kids just get stomach aches", a family doctor put her on meds for abdominal migraines that also treated depression, I got the impression maybe they were treating her for having a stressful mom! Long/short, the cardiologist says she might have this nervous regulation problem related to POTS, blood pressure issues, she drinks gatorade every morning now for the salt, she needs a high salt diet with all the salts, and she's much, much better. Doctor said kids with this condition usually go through a LOT of doctors before finding someone who sees the problem.
      Good luck.
    4. irishmom
      Thank u..sorry just saw there was a message..or I would have thanked u earlier). I will read over these today for sure...th is so very overwhelming to me...and I'm trying to cope and my son is too...and the other 7 Kids as well)
    5. StillMamamia
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