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Jan 13, 2010
Mar 22, 2007
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Cashier, going to college for teaching

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Jan 13, 2010
    1. MissEmi
      Hi. My insurance covered MM 100%, and just to let ya know I LOVE IT!! Animas is great, yes, but MM is really awesome itself!!
    2. dana.amp
      thank you. but if u get a pump, animas is the way to go lol jk but thats what soon to have and all my diabetic friends have. but good luck.
    3. Aidyn
      So what tattoos do you want to get?

      That stinks that none of your friends in MN are into tattoos and piercings beyond the conventional cutesy stuff. I thought about getting my belly button pierced (speaking if cutesy piercings) BUT by the time I had abs nice enough to actually have the guts to do it, I decided I didn't want it anymore.

      I think if you're super daring, you could give the piercings one more try while your blood sugars are more stable.

      ALSO speaking of tattoos... this is going to sound silly BUT make sure you test your blood sugar before going in to get inked. If it's anywhere below 90 or so, eat or drink something sugary because for some reason (from my experiences anyway) getting inked can lower your blood sugar. And if it's too high, that's not good either, because I'd imagine it would heal better later if it wasn't.

      out of curiousity, what brought you to MN, anyway? school? a relationship? a fresh start at life? haha
    4. welcometotheshow
      I love you, Brittany, with all my heart
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    Cashier, going to college for teaching
    Who has diabetes?:
    I do (type 1)
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    No idea what this is
    20, diagnosed for 3 years, I'm all about having fun and living life!

    Music, Writing, Reading, having fun
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