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Nov 8, 2012
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    1. Ali
      You are not a complainer and I do not recommend transplants...they are very big business. I know a few people who have had transplants and know a few who work in the field, and asked a few of my ow Docs, transplants are serious and dangerous business, no reputable doc would suggest this course for you unless you were in bad shape. I am not suggesting it for you... I just was hoping that with the autoimmune stuff not there that maybe if you had to go that route it might work out better for you if that was a route you had to pursue. Hate to say it but you may have to be the one to pioneer how this works. Was your entire pancreas removed??? If yes then you are dealing with a ton of stuff, sorry. Many in the T1 community forget how much stuff besides insulin work that the pancreas does.Sorry. Ali
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