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Dec 7, 2013
Oct 19, 2006
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Registered childcare provider and also sewing knit

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Dec 7, 2013
    1. Judy&Alli
      It is so wonderful to see you posting again!!!! :) :)
    2. Lisa P.
      Lisa P.
      Miss you.
      Think, weirdly, quite often about the cool stream you planned to store insulin in during an emergency!
      Hope you've been and are happy.
    3. StillMamamia
      I'm sorry :(...I think the mourning process comes in waves...it's not a one-timer type of thing. IMO that's what makes it so hard. I do hope it gets better for you. I'm going through the doubting part now and scared for the future. That also comes in waves. The only thing I can do is enjoy the moment, but lately even the moment sucks.
      And I think your post is very helpful.
    4. StillMamamia
    5. Dx011106
      I saw a post from you in the Advocacy forum (http://forums.childrenwithdiabetes.com/showthread.php?t=1212) and just wanted to let you know that JDRF is now accepting applications for the 2009 Children's Congress. Please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding this or anything else JDRF has to offer you and your family.

      Also, look into cc.jdrf.org for more general information regarding Children's Congress.
    6. Mama2H
      That is wonderful news :D I am very truly so happy! Here's to 14 days on the new one :D
    7. cadesmom
      Hi Nichole, I got 14 day's out of that sensor, It went out last night, I am so excited this thing is working again.
      Have a great day
    8. cadesmom
      Today is day 7 and last night I unpluged the transmitter from the sensor, let it charge for 5min. then restarted it like it was new, I hope I can get atleast 3 more days out of it.
      I still can't believe MM didn't come right out and say, you know that sounds like a bad transmitter, I think it's time to buy a new one, if it wern't for this web site, I would have never known that after a year they go bad and isigs are not always right.
    9. cadesmom
      Hey, I was just going to update you on my transmitter, my ins. company has finally decided to pay for some of the cost, I bought a new one and as of know, I am not having any trouble, I better go find some wood, LOL, I can really tell a big differance in this new one, I don't know why MM sticks to the story if the isgs good then it must be me doing something wrong. Thank's for your intrest in my situation
    10. Jensmami
      Thank you for you concern and prayers. Will let you know tomorrow how it went.
    11. cadesmom
      Here is the scoop on Cade's transmitter, We basicly don't have one anymore, I am not going to keep poking that needle in him, and have it last only a few hour's out of the day. MM is telling me the warranty went out september of last year so I would just have to buy another one if I feel like this one is broke, My insurance won't pay for it so I guess for now I will do without, It may take awhile to convence the insurance company I need this thing, I will keep fighting.
    12. Jensmami
      Thanks for asking and for your prayers, we still need them. We don't know much more yet, I think we should have the appointment with the specialist on Monday (insurance takes for ever). As you can imagine waiting is not easy, however today I had the best day yet, i had a good dream last night. I am positive, for the most part, that everything will turn out ok. Jenny is doing great, she started rehearsal today for the Wiz, she is Dorothy, so she is on cloud nine.

      How are you doing? Are you guys enjoying summer so far?
    13. Jensmami
      Thanks, it helps to hear all the stories with a happy end! I am so grateful your's had one, so I was able to meet you. Thanks again, I can't be online to much at the moment, because it makes me cry about all the beautiful people who posted for Jenny. But I need to be strong and positive for my baby.
    14. Lee
      Thanks for asking about my Dad - he is still really down. I expect he will be until after the surgery. That is when he finds out if it has spread or not...and that isn't for another 2 months! He starts 6 weeks of chemo and radiation next week. I don't think we will be going up till Oct now though. He doesn't want us there while he is undergoing chemo every day...can't say that I blame him!
    15. Jensmami
      Thank you so much, I am sitting here crying and being so worried. She is taking it well, she said well I have a little friend on my liver now. So, I have to try to keep it together. Thanks for the hugs, it means a lot
    16. Lisa P.
      Lisa P.
      Regarding the parenting and choices thread, love how you give people support without stirring up any arguments -- wish I had the skill. Nice job.
    17. cadesmom
      Well I tried to get them to send me a transmitter, and they keep saying it's working fine, This lady named Delores said if I would insert the sensor while he's standing up it might work, I've never heard of this, and I think I would have a hard time getting him to stand after a year of laying down to do this, These guy's are not telling me what I want to hear, and they are asking me to do thing's that are not easy to do, ex....change location, stand up, Im still mad.
    18. cadesmom
      Thank's for replying to my post, I am so frustrated. I mentioned to the hot line lady that I think the transmitter is going out, we did the test and the isig was 24 so she said that it's not the transmitter. Who can call to talk to other than the hotline, my rep. is not an option. Thank's for your help
    19. theramosfam
      this is my problem....we are still on conventional injections, our son is Autistic and has issues with sensory. Therefore, his CGSM was a 'huge' step for him, yet he won't have anything to do with the pump. we are wtg on him...but for now, I need something faster. most especially with his breakfast bolus and his growing teeth and bones. too many hormones...and Humalog is just not fast enough. :( had you done shots? he is on levemir for basal.
    20. Ella's mom
      Ella's mom
      Hey there! Love the new pics of your girls!
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    Registered childcare provider and also sewing knit
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    Hailey~14~type 1 diabetes diagnosed Friday October 13, 2006~Minilink started April 24, 2007~Pump start May 22nd, 2007
    Apidra start Friday May 30th, 2008
    Izabella~5 years~Kawasaki disease dx Saturday June 13th 2009 I

    "Uneducated people believe what they are told...Educated people question what they are told."-Helen Keller[/CENTER]
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