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Oct 27, 2016
Jul 18, 2007
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New Jersey
Run Family Construction Co with Hub

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Oct 27, 2016
    1. kierbabi09
      I see Dr. Francesco De Luca at St. Christophers Hospital for Children in Philly.
      I will soon be switching though, because I am now 19 and have been with them since I was first dignosed. I have been to CHOP when I had problems with my back.
    2. kiwimum
      What do you want to know!!!
      I will give you my personal email address and you can ask away. So much easier than trying to do it thru here!

      Look forward to hearing from you. If you prefer to do it thru here, just let me know and we'll go from there!
    3. foxa71
      awww ty. We like her too. Red hair sure is pretty. Wish I had more of it. lol
    4. wilf
      You had to go to ER?!
    5. Connie(BC)Type 1
      Connie(BC)Type 1
      You're welcome!
    6. Jessies_Mom
      No problem...teen years are hard and I know what it's like not being able to really relax until you get that phone call. :)
    7. linda
      There is another 2 years on warranty. What does this realy mean? If our health ins co will allow takeover of another co, what should that matter?...Em LOVES the cleos!! They have given her her much needed independence!! @ 15 it realy isnt the time for her to start worrying about changes....I can only call 1 co at a time for confirmation on the coverage by our insurance or we may end up with multiple co's trying to get the approval and cause confusion!! This is very disheartening and frustrating!!!!!
    8. ecs1516
      Linda, How much warranty do you have left on the Cozmo? What are you going to do?
      On a previous message you asked about Navigator. It is by Abbott. We like it. But, have never used another CGM so I have nothing to compare. We have never used CLeos.
    9. ecs1516
      Luckly, I only ended up paying $63.00 for BOTH Pings. I had a credit with ANimas. Much cheaper then paying another 20% on each! Yikes. I feel like Smiths just dumped on all its customers. I just don't want to deal with Smiths anyone. Disgusted with them...:mad:
    10. ecs1516
      What do you mean? Are you talking about Smiths dumping Cozmo? Yes, Very poorly handled. I wonder if they approached Abbott or Roche about them picking up Cozmo?
    11. Ellen
      There are many companies that supply the consumables (infusion sets, cartridges, tape, etc.). Look on the Cozmo website at the FAQ and it'll show you a list. Also you can call and tell them the name of your insurance plan and they will tell you which suppliers you can use. My son never used the Cleos. Are they discontinuing them?
    12. linda
      thanks-who makes navigator? How is the insertion? Do you use cleo for cozmo?
    13. ecs1516
      SInce we got new Cozmo again last May 08 we will kep them for at least three years because of insurance till 2011. Our insurance currently lets us get them every three years. Unless a pump company would make a deal but I don't think that would ever happen now. I really love the features on the Cozmo and would hope the other pumps would get some of those features before we have to switch. I will be looking around for now getting an idea. Also, what CGM is the future make a difference. We use Navigator now but that might change in the future.
    14. linda
      can u show me a forinstance we can use....Em has same "program" pretty much since started pump almost 4 years ago...having crazy jumps his and lows, dont know if just a teen D thing, or somthing we can do, would like to refigure all this and see....
    15. twodoor2
      I kind of figured it out on my own. I have a degree in math, and after reading a series of advanced articles from endos/CDE's that are very good, I realized there was this proportionality that existed between ICR and BCR to produce ISF.
    16. Connie(BC)Type 1
      Connie(BC)Type 1
      That's a carrying case! cam with the meter~there's a picture of it in the album so you can see the storage for carrying the insulin, syringes, etc! :)
    17. Connie(BC)Type 1
    18. Christopher
      I know...it is an addiction...:rolleyes: I need to slowly....step......away....from..the...computer...:p
    19. Christopher
      Hey Linda, thanks for asking. Things are going OK, good days and not so good. You know, the usual :) How about with you?
    20. Connie(BC)Type 1
      Connie(BC)Type 1
      You can buy them without a rx, I'm not sure if the insurance will cover them. I get my pharmacist to do a receipt for them so I get coverage. But I have them trained! :)
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    New Jersey
    Run Family Construction Co with Hub
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    One child
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    mom 2 beautiful em,19,College Bound! dxd @ 10, Drew 12-no d-no anti bodies/married 20 yrs 2 hs sweet


    Linda, Mom of Em- 18!! College Bound!! ; Dxd 10 Type 1;Dxd Factor IV Clotting disorder; dxd Dysautonomia; Animas Ping;

    Mom of Drew, 13- No D; Musician; Honor Student

    Wife to Steve 22 years and never had a fight:rolleyes:

    1 lovable Pittbull Harley[/FONT]
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