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Mar 24, 2010
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Jun 13, 2015
    1. Yellow Tulip
      Yellow Tulip
      Thanks Kathy! I briefly looked at the document and it seems that page 7 lists many studies in pediatric patients that show no improved glycemic control... But it was just a quick look, I did not read it very closely.

      Now I'm not sure if I'll even appeal this decision. Tommy seems to have decided that he's had enough shots/pokes and said he no longer even wants the CGM. I kind of want to fight the insurance, just on principle, since I really don't feel it's right for them to refuse coverage. But I don't know what I'll do.

      Do you know already if you'll need to fight too? I really hope you won't, that they'll just cover everything like they said they would.

      How is Lindsay feeling today? How are you doing? You must have been scared to death. Hope you both are better and will have a quiet, uneventful night tonight :)

      Take care, and thanks again for the document.
    2. NomadIvy
      I was going through some posts and saw that you also have 3 daughters same ages as mine. And your daughter with ~d is also 6! We're kind of new here. ~K was just diagnosed last April. Since we don't know anyone here with ~d...this is the closest we get to knowing others. Btw, we were in Baltimore summer of 2008. ~K and ~J (that's dd9), were flower girls for an "adopted" cousin.
    3. StillMamamia
      Hi, just saw your note on the Travelling Notebook Group. :) Yes, the project is still up and running, albeit very slowly. ;) If you're interested, become a member and when your turn comes up, I'll let you know. It's going (more or less) alphabetically. Thanks for visiting me. :)
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    Mom of 12- and 14-year old non-diabetic daughters and
    9 year old Lindsay, dx'd T1D Feb 23, 2010 (age 6 at dx), Celiac and Hashimoto's April 2010.
    Revel CGMS initiated October 4, 2010
    Pumping Novolog as of February 3, 2011.
    A1c at dx: 11.9
    A1c 8/22/10: 7.0
    A1c 4/26/10: 7.1

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