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Jan 26, 2016
Jun 30, 2007
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Jan 26, 2016
    1. yeswe'rebothD
      the results came back, I posted on the Parents OT. Still not sure what to make of them, I'll let Grace's Endo decide on that...
    2. hrtmom3
      to anyone lurking on my page :)
      Hope you all have something to smile about today!!!!!
    3. yeswe'rebothD
      grrr the beans... they took 2x the cook time, and then weren't even that good because I left out the onions & bacon... :rolleyes: oh well!

      Grace is going to Grandma's tonight, Mercy another night this week... I'm on edge waiting it hear back from Dr office for Mercy's testing... *sigh*
    4. yeswe'rebothD
      thanks for bein' my friend :cwds:
    5. StillMamamia
      Thank you Martha. I'm feeling a bit better. Venting to you guys did some good, as did the kind words I received. I saw the doc and am taking some plant-based relaxants now. Will try that, and see how it goes, then if needed move on to stronger meds. Hope you and the family are well :)
    6. kiwikid
      Cold and Dreary here Martha - but it is Winter after all! We've been playing cards (Rachel loves Go-Fish) and getting ready for some cousins to come and stay on Friday. I'm jealous if you're having lovely sunny Summer warmth but I hope you enjoy it!
    7. MelStan
      Thanks Martha :-)
      She did seem to enjoy it, and had a sleepover at the weekend, which she's still recovering from ;-)
      Her Hba1c was 7.7, and her Dr thought her afternoon basals may need increased. So we're trying that, and she does seem to be having better numbers! How's everything going for you and the family?
    8. MelStan
      Oh yuk, what an awful night Martha! I hope you've caught up on some sleep since??
      It sounds like Tim is dealing with those sort of situations well though, and great that he kept in contact with you! Will let you know what the Hba1c is, not holding my breath for a great one though :-) Talk soon..
    9. hrtmom3
      oops message gone. posted on wrong place.
    10. MelStan
      I hope you got a sleep in Martha :-) Nothing much happening here, except Eilish's birthday on Wed, and clinic on Thurs..so i'll HAVE to do some dreaded logging ;-)
      All good otherwise! :-)
    11. MelStan
      Hi Martha! sorry i missed you! What were you doing up so late? Is everything ok???
    12. MelStan
      Hi Martha :-)
      Sorry i missed you on the chat. Everything is ok here thanks. We seem to be having better nights just lately, but it probably won't last! It's nice to be able to do a correction and have it work..don't know what's going on ;-)
      Is Tim any better?
    13. Heather(CA)
      Thanks, he's FINALLY doing MUCH better :)
    14. Heather(CA)
      Not too bad, he hasn't been sick or had any D. He's been eating broth and crackers off and on today. I want to be careful not to aggravate his tummy...He wants gold fish crackers, but I said not yet..
    15. MelStan
      I didn't know how it worked either, but I think you post on each other's page :-)
      Poor Tim!!! I bet he doesn't look forward to blood tests :-(
      I hope you get some answers soon Martha, will keep an eye out for you on the chat...
      take care :-)
    16. hrtmom3
      Ok, not sure how this works. Should I post reply here or on yours? Anyways, thanks for asking. Tim went in for blood work today. He had a CBC done, Complete Chem Profile, and a Tissue Tranglutaminase Iga(test for antibodies for Celiac). He has already tested negative for Celiac twice, so I am not really to concerned about it being that.
      It took 4 people and about 30 minutes to finally get three vials of blood for him. Every time no matter where, they have a tough time with him.
      Tomorrow he goes in for a xray on his sinuses.
      Hope all is well with your family. Think I will go check out the chat, even though I should be doing other things. :)
    17. MelStan
      Hi Martha :-)
      I haven't seen you for a couple of days. Was just wondering if Tim's any better? Have been thinking about you both.
    18. MelStan
      Hey Martha :-)
      I posted a reply to your message on my page, but I'm not sure how it works yet??
      We're good here thanks! Hope all is well with you too?
      Will hopefully catch you on the chat soon..
    19. hrtmom3
      Awake at 1:20-NOPE!, but I was at 5:20 this morning :)
    20. Heather(CA)
      Howdy, you awake?
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