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Jul 28, 2016
Dec 29, 2007
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Jul 28, 2016
    1. ecs1516
      Which N.P. or doctor did you see on your last appt.?
    2. ecs1516
      Wow I will have to rent that movie! Also I made our next appt. in March with Heather Fritz.
    3. ecs1516
      What is the poster from South Atlanta's sign on name? We saw Megan once but no problems. I have a friend that has a daughter that goes to her but likes her. We love Maureen. Seen her for about 11 years. She asked us to see Dr. Muir at next appt. though just to have a doctor on our file since Dr. Hansen left. Plan only seeing him once a year or less like Dr. Hansen. Maureen is good since she has type 1 too.
    4. ecs1516
      That is so cool! What time are they signing it?
    5. ecs1516
      I tried to email his office but the page said it did not exist.
    6. hazelmama0609
      Just wanted to say Hi! I noticed you live in Fayetteville, not too far from me. I live in Griffin. My daughter also goes to Emory, she just turned 3.....4 days ago! We were diagnosed in June of 2010, so almost 2 yrs ago!!
    7. ecs1516
      Elissa, That is terrible. So, Amber went so low she had a very bad seizure? It is a wake up call. I don't know about you but my hubby doesn't know the details of diabetes(site changes etc.) He needs a refresher. He took Eric to a haunted corn maize and gave too much free I guess and turned basal to 50%. He went from 180 to 514 in one hour! Luckly, the correction worked on the pump or he would have have been in real trouble...
    8. ecs1516
      Hey, I haven't been on the boards lately. I didn't read the post of the child on life support. I will have to go back and find that one. Was that a patient of Dr. Hansen's office? Terrible. We did fine in the floods. But, the town our church is in had major problems. Our church has been helping clean out people's homes. I know what you mean by afraid lows. Eric is the same way...

    9. charlie
      thanks for the welcome, first is this the correct way to respond? i am still learning the ropes here. second, i put it all around his tush, could be on the low side, you think that is what it could be?
    10. ecs1516
      It was so nice to meet you this week. Hope we can keep in touch. Let me know if you come up my way.
    11. Lisa P.
      Lisa P.
      Just a hi, we started pumping again today with all our new bells and whistles. She shot right up, but we were now not afraid to aggressively correct with the pump since we're running the show ourselves instead of waiting a day and a half for the CDE! We immediately started working on basals, I don't know if that was the only problem last time but it's clear already that either the basal is not getting delivered or it is set WAY too low. So, thanks for the info. And don't worry, we are in touch with endo and cde but we're not waiting for someone else's "permission" this time for changes. We test perpetually and she's always in sight. . . . thanks.
    12. ecs1516
      We go to Dr. Hansen's group too. We either see Maureen or Dr.Hansen. We love that group. Have been there 7 years.
    13. GAmom
      I wish we were at Emory, I've heard they are great there. We've had disappointing experiences with PEA in Atlanta, though I really liked Scottish Rite Children's Hospital.
      I'm trying to figure out how to upload a picture of Caroline....getting discouraged w/my computer skills...
    14. GAmom
      I just wanted to say Hi, since we have a few things in common, we both live in Georgia, I have been married 21 years (tho w/only half as many kids!) My daughter is also 9, tho she'll be 10 in Aug. We live in Cobb co. (near Woodstock/Roswell)
      Did you sign your daughter up for campKudzu, or any other diabetes camp? Caroline is on the list for the August/campKudzu.
      I am new to these forums, so I am very klutzy at navigating how do all this.
      That's exciting that your daughter may get a pump soon, Good luck!
      johanna (GAmom)
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    GA Gov. Deal signs Diabetes Care in School Law

    Elissa, and Larry 36 years!
    Melissa - 17 (diagnosed 01/03/07)
    Non D-Bethany 29, Allen 27, AJ 23, Christina 16, Leah 12
    Grammy to Isaac - 7
    Pumping with Animas PING -Blue

    Find me on Facebook @ : http://www.facebook.com/elissa.holder
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