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Nov 3, 2019
Apr 21, 2007
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Nov 3, 2019
    1. Bigbluefrog
      So drinking alcohol...not so good? One spotted cow...cheers my friend! To a better tomorrow...
    2. Bigbluefrog
      How are you doing? It has been one of those Seasons.......thinking of you and hoping your doing well.
    3. kgerrick
      Hi Frannie,
      How are you doing?

    4. kgerrick
      Well I'll keep you in my thoughts! Glad to hear the good news!! Hang in there, you can do it because you are a strong woman who has been through many tough situation and you made it through! Good thoughts and ((hugs)) coming your way!! Keep me posted!
    5. kgerrick
      Hi Frannie,

      Just wanted to say hi and see how you are fairing. I hope you are doing okay. You have been on my mind on and off. You were so kind to me when I was feeling down.

    6. Bigbluefrog
      Yes, omo2three, too common of a name. We have mom to three, momtotwo, and yada yada only 1 big blue frog....lol. Sorry you been dealing with teen issues. I know it's frustrating, I think it is their way of being independent from us...or make it easier when they move out. My middle one is the one I butt heads with, I think we are too much alike. He is dorming right now, it's good for him ....and for me. Btw lurking is alright by me, stay out of the drama here....drama drama. I should mimic this lurking technique.;)
    7. Bigbluefrog
      Hi Fran, how are ya? Been awhile since I ve seen you online...your not missing too much same old drama.
    8. Omo2three
      Hi Fran, Just wanted to wish you a Happy Easter!
    9. TheFormerLantusFiend
      Happy birthday.
      Pumpkin looks lolcat worthy.
    10. jsprow
      Hi Fran ! I'm still figuring out this website --
      It sounds like things have been pretty busy at your house !
      Hope the girls are doing well. We all need to get together sometime.
      - Susan
    11. Omo2three
      Fran, We hibernate inside till it gets warmer! I am getting cabin fever today! I need sunshine and warm weather! Or at least my diet Pepsi! I have to have some vices!
      When we left yesterday for Dr apt, dh lost the car in the parking lot...nothing like freezin and looking for your car....I threw in blankets in the car and bundle up with warm hats and mittens...no snow pants...lol
    12. Omo2three
      Hi Fran, thanks for the note! I am doing good. We are freezing cold here, 40 below so the kids had off today! We went to Ambrea's endo apt brrrrrr. We saw many cars dead on the freeway...poor people. Amb had a good report, with a A1c of 7.3...I was nervous about this one ...because her Bg has been all over the place with puberty hitting. Sorry about your plumbing, hope it wasn't too bad. I know I like my Christmas tree decorations up its nice...hate putting them away too. Once it is done...its time for valentines day stuff! So are you planning a great warm escape to Hawaii? Florida? Mexico? I am too poor I will have to crank the heat up , and drink a frozen pina colada and just pretend here!
      HUGS Sheryl
    13. StillMamamia
    14. Omo2three
      Fran, I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas and a Happy healthy New Year!
    15. musicjunkie
      …………*./ | .\*
      …………♪ *♫*.♪
      ………, • '*♥* ' • ,
      …….♪ '*• ♫♫♫•*'♪
      ….. ' *, • ' ' • ,.* '
      …♪ .' * • ♫*♥*♫•. .* '♪
      … * , •HAPPY• ., * '
      …♪ * ' •♫♫*♥*♫♫ • '. * '♪
      ' * ' • HOLIDAYS . • ' * ' '
      ♪ ' ' * • ♫♫♫*♥*♫♫♫• * ' '♪
    16. Omo2three
      Hi Fran,
      My son appreciated your input to his report. He said you were awesome. Freddie is 18 now and getting ready for college next year. Ambrea is still waiting for the pump , our endo likes to wait a year 1st. Oh the yellow skin was at a research seminar given out free by product representives for a freestyle meter lite. She really wanted purple or lime green :)
      hang in there! I know it has to get better. I remain hopeful for this new cure.
    17. fredntan2
      I've been havn't been on much lately.
      we got a new kitty a few weeks ago and i've fallen madly in love iwth him. I found him at shelter. we have 3 now 4 cats. the others aren't really into us. but this one is so into us he litterally sleeps right under you-sometimes a little too close. he's a orange tabby-maybe 10 weeks old.

      we went to penn. philly a week ago to see Gary Sheiner-think like a pancreas author-he has a office-integrated diabetes. He's really good. he spoke to us for 2 hours. he's going to be like our diabetes coach. I mean all I know about diabetes i've learned from a book-I don't get anything from my endo's. it took about 4 hours to get there-we'll just have to see him once then will talk over phone. insurance won't pay since they aren't in my area, but I think this will be the best money i've ever spent.

      My other dd is in color gaurd-I feel bad cause I havn't done any voluntering- no time. she's away on over night trip this weekend for band/colorgaurd-she's going to be tired when she get s back. she's been recovering from mono this summer/fall. they seem to work these kids too hard-only has wed. off/some sundays.
    18. Omo2three
      Hey how are you doing! Life just keeps getting busier! I am playing possum today from the high school band volunteering...Ambrea and I rented flicks for tonight! We are now out of honeymoon ..slowly the BG rises! Wonder how that affects a1c?!
      Have a Great Day and hope you are doing well!
    19. StillMamamia
      Just letting you know there's a "BGP Wearers" group (BGP=Big Girl Panties :)) in case you want to join. Go to User CP, Social Groups and you'll see it.
    20. musicjunkie
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