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Ella's mom
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Oct 8, 2011
Jun 22, 2007
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Ella's mom

Approved members, from Vancouver, Washington

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Oct 8, 2011
    1. Abby-Dabby-Doo
      Hi! Things are in full swing, I can hardly keep up. The hubby is out of town for a week fishing in Canada also. Long days and nights. How are things with you? Are you getting anywhere with the school before they let out with Ella starting school?
    2. StillMamamia
      Hey, I'm your first visitor :) Yes, I'll take some tea please..LOL
      How are you and the family? Hope numbers have been good!
      I wanted to thank you for giving me the idea of the soap opera game. I think it was you who mentioned it on the chat, right? I'll be posting a thank you on the thread also. You're my own personal cheerleader...who knew? LOL...Just kidding!
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    Vancouver, Washington
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    Bonnie married to Brent
    Mom to:
    Dylan, 9, non-D
    Ella, 7, dxd at 14 months, pumping with Animas Ping, dexcom
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