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Ella's mom
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Oct 8, 2011
Jun 22, 2007
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Ella's mom

Approved members, from Vancouver, Washington

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Oct 8, 2011
    1. Emma'sDad
      Thank you, that's sweet of you :)
    2. StillMamamia
      Hi Bonnie :) It was Claude's car. Totally wrecked on the front-side. Engine is destroyed. I still have my lemon, so Claude can use it, but he says he doesn't want to be in a car right now. Insurance will give a replacement car until the whole paperwork mess is dealt with. Car will not be repaired since it will cost more than its value, that's what the garage people said. This will go to court, according to the police, since it as serious reckless driving and life-endangering on the part of the guy who hit Claude's car.
      Are you chatting still or leaving soon?
      How's the family? And you? Hope you are all well.
    3. StillMamamia
      Just letting you know there's a "BGP Wearers" group, in case you want to join ;)
    4. hrtmom3
      Is Ella all set for her first day and full of excitement!!!
    5. StillMamamia
      3000 posts Bonnie...I really should get a life one of these days ;) Thanks for your support always. You're a great person!!!
    6. Sarah Maddie's Mom
      Sarah Maddie's Mom
      Thanks! We call it her "Miss America" - it's a bit more posed than most pics of her, she's usually got a smudge on her nose and "boy" basketball shorts on - eech,I hate those shorts :-)
      I'm so slow on the uptake on uploading pics but I'm trying to play with it more so I'll get better.
      Thanks for noticing!
      Are things going well for Ella? And you too??
    7. Sarah Maddie's Mom
      Sarah Maddie's Mom
      Hi Bonnie! Thanks for the welcome home! We did have a wonderful time. It's quite an experience being with so many D families and sharing a common language with such a large group. Maddie would like to go back again next year. We'll see. It all adds up, especially if you add a Disney vacation into the mix ;-) But I learned some good tips and it got my husband to think a bit about his ... abdication of responsibility re: D.
      Hope your summer is going well and that Ella is having fun in the sun.
      Best, Sarah
    8. Thoover
      Thank you for your kind words and support... I just hope that Britt can accept she has Diabetes. Its been over 1 1/2 years since her diagnosis, and NOW she hates it.. I just hope it will get easier for her. I hate seeing my children sad over anything.
    9. Thoover
      Thanks for the IV3000 You are a lifesaver..
    10. EmmasMom
      Thanks! I'm having a lot of fun photographing her for my clothing. So fun to have a little girl... as you know! ;-)
    11. tiffanie1717
      Thanks!! It's from her birthday tea party we had yesterday. She turns 5 on Thursday. :) I loved it, too! :)
    12. Lisa P.
      Lisa P.
      Thanks for the note about our picture, finally figured out how to put one up.
    13. Colleen
      Hope you had a good Fourth of July. Hope the pool goes well. Let me know what you do.
    14. Mama2H
      Thanks!! I had intended on uploading a bunch to my album but dh wanted to leave for vacation :rolleyes: I appreciate the compliment! So nice :)
    15. hrtmom3
      Hi Friend!:D
    16. Midwestmomma
      Thank you so much...It was so nice chatting with you the other nite. You have such a nice mother too.....:)
    17. Christopher
      Bonnie, thanks so much for the Fathers Day wishes, that was really nice of you. Hope you all have a nice day too. Talk soon. :-)
    18. StillMamamia
      Hey Bonnie...doing well so far. Had a yucky midnight reading but that's because I so suck at extended bolus (trying to be cool, you know...LOL) but since then bg has been good.
      Have a great rest of day! Hugs to your family!
    19. StillMamamia
      SpongeBob Rocks, Bonnie! ;)
    20. Ella's mom
      Ella's mom
      Ok so I have to learn this new fun system...lol!
      So cool we can leave eachother messages!
      Paula, we will be cheering eachother on as Ian and Ella go through grade school!
      Lanae, hoping hubby comes home with great fish tales! Things are moving forward with Ella starting K in the fall. Nurse is working with principal and more to come before end of this school year!
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    Vancouver, Washington
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    Bonnie married to Brent
    Mom to:
    Dylan, 9, non-D
    Ella, 7, dxd at 14 months, pumping with Animas Ping, dexcom
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