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Mar 27, 2019
    1. ecs1516
      Wow, that is strange. Sad too. Heather normally gets you throug happy. fast. We have Dr. Muir next month. Planning on seeing him once a year. His visits take much longer because he has students from Emory sometimes with him on the visit. Heather said we could see him in the summer when we have time and her for the other visits.
    2. GaPeach
      We were scheduled with Heather but never saw her.

      The visit before, we were scheduled with Heather but saw Dr. Muir instead.
    3. GaPeach
      Last visit was a little strange. We sat for over an hour in the waiting room. Then, they finally did BP, weight and height. Back to the waiting room for 15 minutes or so. Called back for CDE to review BG log (Diasend). CDE (not sure of her name) made recommendations for a couple of changes. Then,next appt scheduled and checked out. No doctor or NP visit at all.

      The reason they were so behind (overheard conversation) was that a child in foster care was refusing for the doctor to examine them. Child is blaming diabetes as the reason they were removed from parents home.

      I think that since Melissa is long time patient with no major concerns they were just moving us on through.
    4. GaPeach
      Just in case you are not on the forum today to see my post...

      Rented a wonderful movie from Redbox last night called The Christmas Miracle. I kept thinking that one of the actors looked so familiar when he sang a song. Then, at the end of the movie, as he sang another song I realized that it was George Canyon who performed at FFL in 2009. He is Type 1.

      They even have a mini-plot involving a diabetes crisis.

      Here is a link to the trailer:
    5. GaPeach
      We made Melissa's next appt. with Maureen. She has refused to go back if she has to see Megan.

      A lady at the Diabetes Day Camp that Melissa attends in the summer just changed her teenager to Emory's practice. They saw Maureen too because another friend warned them about Megan's negative personality.

      Been wondering what practice and provider the poster on the board from South Atlanta is seeing. I sent a PM but they did not respond.
    6. ecs1516
      How did it go today? Did it get signed?
    7. ecs1516
      Do you have a large group of people meeting?
    8. GaPeach
      10AM. We are meeting the ADA Advocacy rep at 9:45.
    9. GaPeach
      Gov. Deal is signing HB 879 into law on Monday 4/16. Our family will be there as he signs the legislation.

      You will be a valuable asset to your new job now.
    10. GaPeach
      To all Georgians:

      Georgia HB 879 - Diabetes Care in School - is on Governor Deal's desk awaiting his signature.

      Please call his office 404-656-1776 and ask him to sign HB 879 into law. Or email his office at:


      Thank you!!!
    11. emm142
      Oops - I'm so bad at clearing it out! Done now. :)
    12. GaPeach
      Carol, doesn't one or both of your sons attend a christian school in Cobb County?

      I found out through a Facebook comment by Larry's cousin that Larry's 2nd cousin was recently dx with T1D. She attends North Cobb Christian School. Suppose I am curious if it's the one your boys are at.
    13. NomadIvy
      Trying to PM you but your inbox is full...
    14. Christopher
      Call me paranoid, but I would not post that kind of information below. I just stumbled upon it, and I know it is an old post but it is just an invitation for burglers and weirdos.
    15. GaPeach

      I would appreciate your prayers as Larry & I are going away for our first couple time since dx 01/2007 to Hilton Head, SC 9/23-26rd. Our oldest daughter (23) will be overseeing Melissa. She will have her hands full as she works 12 hour days and then will care for her 5 siblings and her own 1 year old son.

      After school, they are going to a friend's house from church. Friday night and all day Sat. they (and my grandson) will stay with the friend (who has 5 of her own kiddos). Praise the Lord for my dear sister in Christ who is so willing to serve!

      The local fire station is less than 2 miles from my house and 1/3 mile from my friend's house.

      Melissa self manages well. We all know that D can be a monster right out of the blue (like her wakeup # of 60 this morning). I backed off the nighttime basal just in case. I don't mind a few days of a higher BG at night for safety's sake.

      Please pray that D will at least be more "normal" for the next few days.

    16. gradysmom
      hi there,
      I noticed you have gone through quite a few different companys/pumps/CGMs. We are finally jumping over to pumping. I really think after our last seizure we really need to embrace CGMs as well. Any advice or your thoughts on both pumping at once or switching one at a time? The whole idea of change scares the heck out of me.....I like predictable.
    17. GaPeach
      Continued from first post...

      It was a wake-up call to those of us who knew her and the family. We must all be diligent to involve others in knowing how to care for our children. We are not promised tomorrow. Emergencies and death happen. Someone should be available to step in when we are not there for our kids.

      Melissa looked up to Amber. She even picked out a 5th grade graduation dress that "looked like Amber's prom dress".

    18. GaPeach
      Our friend Amber was not a patient of Dr. Hansen's office. Amber's mother, Cecelia Eley, was the co-leader of our local JDRF diabetes support group. Cecelia passed away a few months ago from a sudden stroke.

      Amber was admitted to Southern Regional Hospital ICU after a massive T1 related seizure. She developed double pneumonia and a high fever. Neurology tests revealed no brain activity, swelling and fluid on the brain. The family had to make the life-wrenching decision to make arrangements for organ donation and remove her from life support.

      When Amber's mom, a nurse practitioner, died suddenly, the remaining family members were not as well versed in diabetes management. She went to live with an aunt and uncle. I believe that the combination of a family in grief, self-care by a 16 year old T1, and just the daily complications of managing T1 resulted in this awful tragedy.

      Continued in next post...
    19. GaPeach

      Thank you again for the blood ketone strips that you shared at CWD. They have come in handy lately.

      Melissa had a friend with D pass away recently. You may have read my post on the board on 9/12. She had a D-related seizure and never recovered. After no brain activity was determined, her family ended life support.

      Melissa has suddenly been "forgetting" to bolus or under-bolusing. I think she may be afraid of lows. Obviously, we have been dealing with highs. Ketone checking has been important. We are now checking her pump when it is time to bolus.

      I am going to have Megan (NP) or Jane (CDE) talk to her after we see the actual A1C in Oct.

      Our younger daughter, Leah, tripped and fell on Melissa Monday. MELISSA ended up with a broken ankle and is in a knee-high cast! This means a little less physical activity - which will mean a bit higher BG, as well.

      I hope your home faired well in the recent floods! That rain was crazy.

    20. curediabetes14
      Hi, I was reading a response of yours and noticed that you have used three different pump companies. We are currently on Minimed and thinking about switching to Animas. What was your experience.
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