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Nov 26, 2018
Nov 20, 2007
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August 25

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Nov 26, 2018
    1. linda
      WOW-This is a whole new world...dont even know what this is about! Danielle is beautiful. Thank You.
    2. zoesmama
      Congrats, Danielle! Very cool. :) I see you guys are in Illinois... whereabouts? Hope you have a great day!
    3. MelStan
      Awesome Danielle!!! And it is a VERY big deal :D
    4. Connie(BC)Type 1
      Connie(BC)Type 1
      YAY Danielle!!!!!
    5. Christopher
      I know this probably isn't that big a deal to most people on here, but tonight, Danielle gave herself a shot for the very first time since dx over a year ago. I am just so proud of her I had to say something. I knew you all would understand :)
    6. Mymommymommy
      happy belated birthday!
    7. hold48398
      Happy birthday!!!!! :=)
    8. Connie(BC)Type 1
      Connie(BC)Type 1
      Happy Birthday!
    9. kiwikid
      Happy Birthday to You!! I hope you have as Great a Day as Rachel did :)
    10. Seans Mom
      Seans Mom
      Thank you. It's a bit bittersweet, but I keep reminding myself that he is alive and healthy. That's what matters. :) Hope yours went well.
    11. Heather(CA)
      I sent you an email this morning...Did you get it? Or did I send it to the wrong addy?
    12. musicjunkie
    13. TripleThreat
      Hi Christopher happy to have you as a friend =)
    14. Jensmami
      Thank you, Chris! We still don't know much more. We finally have an appointment with the specialist and for a MRI for Wednesday. It took so long, because they don't give you an appointment without insurance approval and they were so slow. I hope we will find out more then. How are you and Danielle doing? Are you feeling a little better?
    15. Sarah Maddie's Mom
      Sarah Maddie's Mom
      I'm glad she got it - it wouldn't go from my machine. Meant to warn you that it was on the way and not "weird":D
    16. Sarah Maddie's Mom
      Sarah Maddie's Mom
      Hi Chris :D Thanks for the tip on the camera. It looks great, and it also looks great. Can you get off rapid shots for action?? I think I saw in a review that it can do that but I'm not sure...
      So sorry you and Danielle won't be at FFL.:( I'm looking forward to it but it would be great to meet you as well.
      Did you ever get an email from me but via Lar's email of a slide shw of strange photo-shopped animals??? If not I want to resend I think Danielle would like it:cool:
      Catch you later, ssr
    17. StillMamamia
      Sherlock, I had to do some sleuthing to find out if you got the sun or not...LOL...you posted the message here...but I'm learning...Regards, Watson...LOL!
    18. Christopher
      Paula, you are way too kind....thanks so much for the "Sun"....it made me smile...:cwds:
    19. StillMamamia
    20. Christopher
      Bonnie, thanks for the kind words, I appreciate it.:cwds:
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    August 25
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    Dad to Danielle, 19 years old
    Diagnosed 17 Aug 2007
    MDI (Novolog and Levemir) Aug 2007 to Aug 2015
    Dexcom G5 System with Share 22 Jul 2015
    Omnipod 11 Aug 2015
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