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Apr 28, 2014
Mar 24, 2008
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Medical Administrative Assistant

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Apr 28, 2014
    1. Thoover
      Hey girlie checking in seeing how you are doing?? HUGS to ya..
    2. Thoover
      Let me know when you are in the chat...
    3. Thoover
      I need your address, I am going to put it on my work email address and my personal one. I also need your address yes again..LOL
    4. Thoover
      Where are you???
    5. SamsMom
      Hi Savannah! Sorry I didn't see your msg...I rarely am on here anymore. I saw your FB post about the A1c. Was Dr. Bryant cool about it? He usually is with Sam...just tweaks and adjusts and we go forward, ya know? Sam told him he is going to Baylor in the fall and Dr Bryant says he has appts in Waco I think once a month. YAY! I hope you are well.
    6. Thoover
      Hey girl, I got your message, we have been snowed in since last Friday. Front end loader just came last night to dig us out. We hit a record of 72 inches since the end of December for snow fall. We got 30 inches an another 15 yesterday... crazy stuff
    7. Caydens_Mommy
      No, I have your cell phone programmed in my phone, remember I texted you that time! lol.. Who knows, I will save it again.. lol
    8. Thoover
      Nope that is the same phone number. I figured you would know it was me..LOL.. You must have gotten a new phone. Thats my cell number the last we spoke it was by my home phone..
    9. Thoover
      I just missed you in the Chat.. uggghh
    10. Thoover
      Where are you??? I hope you are doing well. PM me your email address again
    11. StillMamamia
      Hey Savy :)) I sent you an e-mail a while back. I know you had pc trouble or something like that recently, so maybe you haven't seen it yet. Hope you are well. Miss you!!
    12. Thoover
      Hope you had a Merry Christmas and have a Great New Year girl.
    13. Thoover
      Everything went well with Court She is finally home and we saw her again on Saturday. Britt was so worried, but She did an amazing with the whole thing.
    14. etringali
      gotta find a way onto t1chat. I'm just a schlub. I lurk thee all day and pipe up once in a while
    15. StillMamamia
      Heya Savy :) Hope you are well. Thanks for dropping by my page :D. Doing alright here. Too many family worries, getting me down a lot, but hanging in there. Take care and hope to chat soon.
    16. Thoover
      Hey girl, my dad is doing wonderful. The tumor they took out was not cancerous which is awesome. He has 68 staples in his stomach which he just got out on Tuesday. How is little C'man doing other than losing that sensor of his.
    17. MelStan
      Hi Savy :cwds: Just plodding along here. Battling a lot of unexpected highs lately and working on trying to get Eilish to do what she's supposed to do, (at school) and not forget. I'm over it all really..want a cure :rolleyes: How's life with you all? Haven't talked to you for ages!
    18. Thoover
      Where are you?? Let me know when you come on I will update ya on my father..
    19. ShanaB
      Awww thanks for checking in :) Work is going well...quite the transition but thankfully I love the job. I just hate that I only see my kids for 2 hours a day and they are usually cranky from a long day. Emma is doing really well at daycare which is such a relief. How is pre-school going? How are they doing with d care? Thanks again for checking in, I miss cwd!
    20. Thoover
      Whats up how are ya??? How is the C'man doing and Landon??
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    Medical Administrative Assistant
    Who has diabetes?:
    One child
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    Mother to 2 Amazing boys!!

    Spending time with my kiddos, baseball games, Dirtbike Races, reading, music.


    Mother to two beautiful boys
    Cayden Lane(9) DX'd Oct 5, 2007 Pumping with Animas Ping since Oct 2, 2008.. Currently Racing dirtbikes and playing baseball!
    Landon Trevor(12) Non-D currently playing baseball!
    Wife to Daniel - Type 1 for 33 yrs!


    "There are lot's of things to think about but nothing to worry about!!"

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