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Jun 28, 2007
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Brrr Minnesota!
minding these 3 minions

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Jun 24, 2015
    1. jaedyn
      Hi how are you?
    2. linda
      The book is "The Thyroid Sourcebook": (Everything you need to know about: Symptoms of hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism; Hashimotos disease and thyroiditis; Treatments, medications and nutrition.)...etc.
    3. beaniesmom
      Thank you so much! Later, after I had posted that, I was talking with my best friend, and I told her how I was probably going to catch a lot of heat for what I said, because so many people take offense to so many things...even if it goes on in our own home! I just wanted to speak my mind and I'm glad I brought a smile to someone (Beanie and I both tend to have a wicked sense of humor)!!! I haven't gone back to that thread yet, am I in trouble?
    4. Lisa P.
      Lisa P.
      Hope you understand my message here, but your post made me smile. When Selah was first diagnosed, a very very nice acquaintance who's kid had diabetes came by to try to help me figure it all out. She told stories very much like some here, and it was extraordinarily helpful. But in one story she mentioned that some adult had, in passing mentioned her child was "sick", and how upset he was at that. So I started talking with my sister, trying to figure out was was allowed. Can I say she's a diabetic? Can I say she has a medical condition? A disability? A handicap? Then we hit on that actually she kind of has organ failure. . . but I doubt that would be a popular label, either! Anyway, I'm glad you use words with your daughter that you guys like, and I'm sure you've got a happy household for being able to use humor and goodwill when you talk with each other.
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    Brrr Minnesota!
    minding these 3 minions
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    Jessica - Mom to:
    Beanie (Madeline), 15 :eek: (dx 8-1-06)
    pumping w/ Medtronic Paradigm and using cgm (sometimes)
    Jacob, 13
    Alex, 11

    “By definition”, I begin
    “Alternative Medicine”, I continue
    “Has either not been proved to work,
    Or been proved not to work.
    You know what they call “alternative medicine”
    That's been proved to work?
    -Tim Minchin
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