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Dec 20, 2016
    1. NomadIvy
      Just wanted to say hi and thanks for your YDMV Tips for parents with newly diagnosed kids. I read it soon after diagnosis and was able to smile.
    2. ecs1516
      Well, I don't want to stay with Cozmo because will for sure will not get any upgrades for three long years. At least with Animas, even for a fee I won't be trappped in old technology.
    3. badshoe
      We use different color sets. BTW I think the inset sets are the best out there. Our kids like them a lot better than Cleos.

      Delaney currently uses Wavesense meters Connor still uses One Touch. That make the meters easy to tell apart. That said if someone is low they use any meter in sight. We used lots of meters. not one per kid. One in the bed room one in the kitchen a few at school, one by the TV etc.....

      We don't down load anything because I have yet to meet software I think is worth the trouble to use.

      As for decorating. Get the kids to do it. It will look like they did it and that is fine. They need to see the diabetes as something they own. Every little step on that path is a good step.
    4. ecs1516
      I just thought of using the Accu check Aviva stickers. I got two free ones thru the mail about a year ago and got several cool sticker covers. Camo and all. I think I could just cut them and use those!
    5. ecs1516
      Yes, I had the same experience a year or so ago with Animas on supplies. Too confusing with two kids. I'll have to ask our 'new' Animas rep. He has diabetes and his son. We are switching from Cozmo to Animas. I am nervous about it but I know I have to switch one day so I might as well bite the bullet because I can do it fairly cheap. $63 total for both kids. I had a credit with Animas already. I like the decorating meter idea. What we do now is (we use freestyle) is put shiny metallic red stickers with a smile on it on my younger ones meter and Multiclix. I found a simple way to identify the case. I bought a sharpie brand silver pen and wrote their first names on the outside. It writes great on black! I also wrote their ful name and our cell number on the black inside part in case we lost it. Are you happy with Animas, quality and all?
    6. ecs1516
      I have two kids that will be using the Ping remote. Do you know of anyway to make them look different?
    7. Abby-Dabby-Doo
      Attention all CWD registered users & guests!

      We are trying to break a record with THE MOST USERS ON-LINE AT ONE TIME. The current record was set on January 1, 2006 with 551 users on-line.

      We are trying to break this record on JANUARY 1, 2009 at 3pm (New York) time[/SIZE]. Please come join us! Attention guests: Even if you aren't registered, you can still help by being on the site!
      3pm Eastern
      2pm Central
      1pm Mountain
      12noon Pacific
      11am Alaskan

      Please check my conversion time in other countries (just in case I’m wrong)This is what 3pm Eastern Time is in just about every time zone:
      (thank you for the link Michelle)

      I'll see you January 1st at 3pm Eastern time! ;)
    8. Mama Belle
      Mama Belle
      Apparently I have given you rep recently and couldn't leave you new rep, so I am posting it here. I though this remark was fantastic:

      I am not so sure that the best response to being incorrectly stereotyped and stigmatized to use stigmatizing stereotypes but I could be a wrong.

      Thanks for that!
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    Two older non diabetic kids. Two younger w T1.
    The Boy, dob 93 dx 10/03 Animas 2020
    The Girl, dob 97 dx 12/04 Animas Ping
    Dexcom CGMs used mostly to adjust Basal rates.

    YDMV's Tips for New Type 1 Parents

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