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    1. musicjunkie
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    2. TheFormerLantusFiend
      Awhile back I read a book about diabetes- maybe it was called Bittersweet? Maybe it was another one. Anyways, it was about the history of insulin, and according to it, they tested urine for acids (ketones) before there even was insulin to inject, in order to decide what kind of starvation diet to put people on. So the ability to test ketones has been there for a long time. It might just be that home testing wasn't available; that I don't know.
    3. Lisa P.
      Lisa P.
      Remember posting this?

      "It is a valid question.....I remember after dx my question was similar to yours....I wondered :

      "what is the goal ?" as little insulin as possible ? meaning keep meals, etc low carb.....or eat as you like and adjust insulin.

      I was equating insulin to a med.....and usually one thinks....the less needed the better.....and I was thinking that about insulin.....but......that is NOT the goal of insulin....and less insulin taken does NOT equate to better control over Diabetes as I thought it did."

      When you posted that in response to one of my questions I had seen you bring up that issue before. I did understand it and thought I had "gotten over" that issue. But when Selah was sick recently her I:C changed drastically. After it was all over, I realized that instead of giving her the same amount of carbs and changing the amount of insulin, I was keeping her to the same amount of insulin and changing the carbs (drastically reducing, in this case, which I didn't even notice I was doing since she was sick and had no appetite, anyway). So, I did fall into the trap, just in a different way! So, just wanted to say, good that you are spreading that "gospel" because sometimes we do stumble into this mistake even when we don't know we are! Thanks.
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    Allisa, mom to [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]

    Ty (14) dx 03-03-03 also has Mitral Valve Regurgitation due to complications from Rheumatic Fever
    Connor (18)
    Erin (11 dx with Down Syndrome & Autism)
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