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alex's mom
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Dec 4, 2009
Apr 28, 2009
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Jul 19, 1974 (Age: 47)
Milford, PA
Insurance Underwriting

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alex's mom

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Dec 4, 2009
    1. mrcool
      Thank you for the good thoughts! It's hard at any age, but it does have specific challenges to have a baby with diabetes. It's not easy, but it sure is little better than 3 months ago!!! :)
    2. Christopher
      Danielle has not wanted to go to camp but she is looking forward to the summer. We usually do a lot of outdoor activities.
    3. Christopher
      Hi Jamie, thanks for the message, I hope you and Alex are doing OK....:cwds:
    4. timnshann
      I'm exactly 1 hour from you :) I'm about 10 minutes west of East Stroudsburg! Are you going to come to the JDRF walk at Pleasant Valley High School in Brodheadsville in June? I'd love to meet up with you there. The Pocono Kids with Diabetes group is trying to get families together for a picnic that day.
    5. Heather(CA)
      Hmmm, how old is your son? Does he play sports? Sports is the hardest, that and the dreaded but good for them growth spurts.
    6. Danielle2008
      Thank you!! :-)
    7. tesa
      Hi Jamie! Thanks for your posts. I am very excited for Ally to go to camp. One of her friends who has D was going to go with her but she backed out, which I think may be better. Now Ally has to put herself out there and meet new friends and have a wonderful time. She is excited now and will love it I am sure.

      Have fun at the conference! Let me know how it was.
    8. ecs1516
      It should be a lot of fun at FFL!
    9. ecs1516
      Hi! What day to you get there? Have you checked out the FFL forum?
    10. Christopher's Mom
      Christopher's Mom
      Hi - Glad to have a new friend at CWD!!
    11. Becky Stevens mom
      Becky Stevens mom
      Hi Alex's Mom thank you for the friends request I added you. Welcome to CWD hope all is well with your family
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    Jul 19, 1974 (Age: 47)
    Milford, PA
    Insurance Underwriting
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    One child
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    look for me on Myspace....search by my full name Jamie Flood


    Mom to Alex~12yrs old
    DX March 2007
    Will soon be pumping with his new Green Animas Ping!!!
    Single mom...staying strong
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