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Feb 16, 2009
Jan 19, 2008
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Feb 16, 2009
    1. missincali

      I've wanted the same ones for about four years now lol. I actually want to get a carousel horse on my calf or a angel fish on my ankle for my grandpa or dad, I'm deff getting my family coat of arms(not anytime soon LoL). I'm kinda a ibg family person. Most tattoos I want are for someone, but the one I really want now is an Ankh for the back of my neck.

      I'll prb give piercings another try, just will shoot for my ears first.

      I'll deff make sure to test before, and I've heard the whole blood sugar going low first thing. Good to know. I'll bring juice or something with me. Thanks for the advice. I'm thinking about getting the belly ring after I lose weight but I know I'll change my mind too once I do.

      I moved out to Minnesota from California because my Grandpa had a lung transplant and the doctors told us theres no guarantee how long he'd live after that. I grew up not knowing him so I thought I should get to know him while I can and I needed a new start. Things weren't so hot in Cali for me. Glad I moved though. I always visit home, will be heading back for the holidays.

      Hows life for you? Hope all is well!
    2. missincali
      Aw thanks LoL.. would be nice to have someone there cause none of my friends out here are really into tattoos/piercing, much.. unless it's the typical heart or belly-button piercing. I'm alone! LoL I'll deff make sure the blood sugar is good. And will follow the tattooers directions.. I think I'll prbly go with the horizontal industrial just because I have to somewhat hide mine for work. Love the four leaf clover thing LoL. Theres a few that I've wanted for years just was worried about the diabetes and was just scared. I'll do it though!!! Prb for christmas while I'm in Cali! I love celtic symbols.. you'll have to show me when you get it done!
    3. missincali
      Deff didn't get tired of them.. My blood sugars were high and my body rejected them.. especially the eyebrow tried piercing it twice.. no luck though :( that was my fav.. hoping to get my industrial in my ear soon.. crossing fingers. Really nervous about getting a tattoo. Do you have one? Have a good week!
    4. missincali
      Just dropping by to say hello! Hope all is well!
    5. yeswe'rebothD
      love your new avatar pic, it's beautiful!
    6. StillMamamia
      Hey Aidyn, no we don't celebrate 4th of July, but have tons of fun religious holidays...LOL...
      We're doing well. Ian's numbers mostly good. Hope your have been ok too. How's that job of yours going?
    7. StillMamamia
      Hey Aidyn, how have you been? Long time no chat! Hope all's well with you :)
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