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  1. RockReady
  2. Martcl711
    Martcl711 Kitty Poplar
    Do you still have the sensors because I really need some for my son he has G5 and I’m completely out right now and I’m self pay until his insurance starts covering it. Thank you I really appreciate it.
  3. Kitty Poplar
    Kitty Poplar
    Hello all! I have Dexcom g5 sensors to donate free of charge for whoever might need them. 1 expiring April 12 and 1 expiring May 28.
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  4. StillTypeI
    StillTypeI ResearchChick
    RC, any updates you can share on the bone marrow transplant?
  5. Melissa G Grant
    Melissa G Grant
    Health Advisor
  6. diabetesknow
    Been on a keto diet for months now and feel great!
  7. Brensdad
    Pancreas still broken.
  8. payam7777777
    payam7777777 Kent T
  9. payam7777777
    payam7777777 meganmac
  10. shirley83006
    daughter , type 1 since 2006, now 19 years old.
  11. LoCan
    Looking for some input from teens and young adults with T1 for my YA novel. Please inbox me if you're interested in sharing your stories!
  12. TripletsMum
    Triplet boys, 2 with T1, 1 with ASD
  13. C. Leigh
    C. Leigh
    Busy Mom of 3, youngest is T1D.
  14. Type Juan
  15. Lion Hannah
    Lion Hannah
    I am the President of the College Station Evening Lions Club and I am looking for kids to sponsor at the Texas Lions Camp.
  16. Megan Girod
    Megan Girod
    Diagnosed in 2014...Now I'm 18 and preparing to go off to college next fall!
  17. Megan Girod
    Megan Girod
    Diagnosed in 2014
  18. DiabetesMama
    Thank you for all the info Brenda. Yeah, I am just learning about celiac by reading the forum hear and some of the books I have also include some info on this, I just wanted to take one thing at a time. LOL! I sure hope he doesn't come down with anything else, but I guess none of us would be on this site if we could choose. Well, thanks again and take care. Nice to meet you, Brenda.
  19. Brenda
    Brenda DiabetesMama
    Was looking at your profile to see where you live to see if I might know a therapist there, but I do not. Noticed you said you did not know what celiac is (per your profile). Celiac disease is an allergy to wheat gluten. Another autoimmune disease, it can happen to those with type 1. Make sure your diabetes team does a TTG test (transglutaminase) maybe once a year (every year, every two years--ask them about the frequency of testing). It's just a blood test. If positive, some opt for a confirmatory endoscopy, but that's a pain. I have heard that the blood test is pretty accurate (a positive is a high number--just heard a teen say hers was 800, which is very high). If you are interested, we, CWD, hold an annual conference in July in Orlando Friends for Life), at which we offer free celiac testing. Preliminary info will be on this site in a month. Dates are July 5-10. There should be scholarships through the Diabetes Scholars Foundation (check in Jan) to help pay the conference fee.
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  20. Lisa P.
    Lisa P. mmgirls
    Hi, sorry, check in every once in a pretty long while, I don't write on the forum any more, and didn't see you'd left a message until now. We're doing fine, hope you are all doing great, miss you all and thanks so much for checking in!
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